Basement Finishing

In today’s home design and decorating environment, many people recognize that they are, literally, sitting on a gold mine. Your unfinished basement, perhaps home to your washer and dryer and those boxes you moved in but haven’t gotten around to unpacking, is the perfect space to tap into for additional living space. You don’t need to sell, buy and move to get what you’re looking for. You can remain in your home, stay in that neighborhood you love, keep all those great friends and families around you, enhance the value of your current home and create that perfect space you want. All of this is possible when you turn your attention to your basement.

Distinctive Design Remodeling, a premier home renovation and addition company serving Greater Central Kentucky, has been in the business for over 10 years, consistently pleasing home owners as we bring their dreams to life. On average, we complete around 150 custom projects a year split among basements, room additions, garages and other types of remodeling.

Basement finishing is the perfect strategy to gain additional living space, a division of the remodeling work that we do.Basement finishing is a major division of the remodeling and renovation work that we do and our experience will serve you well from start to finish. A finished basement in today’s living-space environment can be just about anything you want it to be. If you love having your laundry room in the basement, we can do a well-functioning laundry room. If you want to continue with storage space, we can create space that is well-organized. And, with the remaining square footage, we can do just about anything you can imagine:

  • Recreation space for the family
  • The Man-cave of your dreams
  • Guest and In-law space
  • Your thoughts?

Basement finishing is satisfying work for the staff at Distinctive Design Remodeling. We love the start-up process with our clients as we take time to understand your vision for this untapped space. We are known for our excellent customer service, with the first step being listening to you.  We want to get it right. This is where your dreams and our expertise come together to get you the best basement finishing possible.  We will do a thorough job of evaluating your basement to determine that all conditions are right for you to enhance this space.  Our team will work with you on design, building on our many years in this business, that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Gone are the days of dark, black hole basements. We are not finishing “your grandfather’s basement” with dated carpeting, plaid couches and fluorescent lighting. There are so many ways to address lighting, space utilization and temperature control to bring to life a light and airy space for your expansion needs. When clients turn their basement finishing over to Distinctive Design Remodeling, we will create space that will cause you to wonder how it is that you survived without this. No need to apologize for inviting guests to your new finished basement. They will probably be jealous!

Check out what our customers say about us. We have hundreds of reviews on several sites including Angie’s List, Home Advisor and Google+. They share their experience with us and the last time we checked, they love us!

A finished basement is a wise investment with an incredible return.  Not only do you have the space you’ve wanted to make your home more livable, but you have increased the value of your home. Give us a call at Distinctive Design Remodeling at (859)223-0539 and let’s begin a conversation about the potential of that unfinished basement you have.