Louisville, KY Basements

Basement Finishing in Louisville, KY

As a homeowner in Louisville, KY, or surrounding areas, you may have considered remodeling your basement yet could never find the right professional for the job. Fortunately, your dream can now be made a reality by the experts from Distinctive Design Remodeling, the leading basement remodeling contractors in the Louisville, KY, area. 

A finished basement is essentially an additional floor in your home, adding anywhere from 20 to 90 percent to your overall living space. This extra space can be recreated into anything that your heart desires, from a secure storage room to a highly personalized home office to a safe playroom for a child. Or, perhaps you may want to dedicate the space to a customized family room for your entertainment needs. There are endless possibilities on how you can utilize a fully remodeled basement, and thus there is absolutely no reason why it should stand unused indefinitely. Not only that, but this home improvement project can significantly increase your property value! With our Louisville basement remodeling service, you’ll soon have the perfect finished basement in your home. 

Your Louisville Basement Renovation

After a thorough evaluation of your existing basement, our team of remodeling experts will perform the work with the professional attention to detail that the project requires. Because excellent customer service is our top priority, we will implement each individual design element based on your distinct specifications. In addition, we will be happy to provide our expert advice on each and every aspect of the on-going basement remodel.

If you believe that your home could benefit from additional living space, our Louisville basement finishing services are only one call away. Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation with Distinctive Design Remodeling as the first step towards a beautiful yet functional basement!