Sunroom Construction

Capturing sunlight in space where you can relax is a double joy:  this room tells you to relax and to enjoy the comfort of sunniness. When people talk about going to the happy place in their home, to their quiet space, to their renewal space, listen closely. They are almost always talking about a sunroom! Today’s homeowners may have fallen in love with their neighborhood’s location, enjoy their neighbors and have created lots of good memories in their current home, so that the idea of having to sell, buy and move to a different home to get that sunroom seems just too complicated. You have a much better option and we can bring it to life.

Talk with the team at Distinctive Design Remodeling and let us help you with sunroom construction at your current home.Talk with the team at Distinctive Design Remodeling and let us help you to create this space at your current home. We have been in the business of remodeling in the Greater Central Kentucky area for well over 12 years and some of our most satisfied customers are those who came to us for sunroom construction.

Sunroom construction can be done in a variety of ways:

  • A room addition to your existing structure that ties in seamlessly to your home.
  • Expansion of a room you already have to give it the sunroom environment you are seeking.
  • Conversion of yard, patio or deck space to a sunroom.
  • Let’s look at your home and brainstorm about your best sunroom construction options.
Sunrooms are one of today’s most up-to-the-minute home trends and there is no shortage of directions you can go with your sunroom construction. At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we do around 150 custom projects each year, ranging from sunrooms to bedrooms, basements, garages and more.

Some of the terrific design elements we can build into your sunroom construction include:

  • Sunroom Construction with high-quality, energy-efficient windows that will bring in those rays of sunshine as long as they are out there, at the same time providing insulation from the variations of weather. The options you have are endless.
  • Sunroom construction goes way beyond flat ceilings. You have many options including beamed, barrel vault, cathedral, cove, tray and more. Ceilings are a great way to create a design element and give an illusion of more space.
  • Sunroom construction allows homeowners to design their electrical, lighting and technology to fit perfectly for their contemporary lifestyles.

It cannot be over-emphasized that sunroom construction needs to be done by experienced professionals. The reality is that sunroom construction needs to connect seamlessly with your home, not looking like an “obvious add-on”. We know how to do this and we do it well.

When you work with Distinctive Design Remodeling, you will benefit not only from our experience in sunroom construction, but also from our strong communication skills with our customers. We know the importance of listening to you from the start, communicating throughout the life of the project, and completing your dream sunroom on time and on budget. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Google+ to read hundreds of reviews from our satisfied customers.

Sunroom construction provides homeowners an exciting opportunity to create space from start to finish. Work with the experts who share your goal for making dreams come true.  Give us a call at Distinctive Design Remodeling at (859)223-0539 and let’s begin a conversation about constructing a sunroom that will be your happy place, your quiet space, your spot for rest and renewal.