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What To Expect When You’re Planning a Room Addition

March 12, 2024
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Each addition holds the promise of added comfort and enjoyment, whether you dream of a sunlit reading nook, a sprawling entertainment den, or an extra bedroom for a growing family. These projects can breathe life into your home, reflecting your style and increasing your property’s overall value. However, knowing what to expect when you’re planning a room addition before you set off on your journey can ensure a smooth home expansion process.

Know Your Goals and Budget the Cost

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your new space is crucial. Is it a playroom for the little ones, a home office to boost your productivity, or perhaps a cozy guest room for visitors? Identifying your goal will help you craft the perfect design and greatly assist in budgeting for it. You can start budgeting by getting quotes from contractors and pricing out materials. Always include a buffer for unexpected costs—because, let’s face it, surprises are part of the adventure!

Ensure You Understand Your Property Lines

Understanding your property lines is essential before taking the plunge into building a room addition. You wouldn’t want to start your dream project on the wrong foot with zoning issues or by inadvertently encroaching on a neighbor’s land. The first step is to track down your property’s plat map, which you can typically find with your house’s closing documents.

Don’t panic if it’s not among those documents. Visiting the local assessor’s office or a simple online search should do the trick. Once you’ve laid eyes on that plat map, consider hiring a professional surveyor for an accurate assessment, especially if your property lines are unclear.

Find a Responsible, Skilled Contractor

The difference between a room addition nightmare and a dream come true often comes down to the contractor you choose. Hiring a responsible and skilled contractor is like finding a trusty navigator for your journey. Ideally, you should look for someone with a robust portfolio of similar projects and sparkling references.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions; a good contractor will be happy to discuss their approach to project management, timelines, and even their preferred communication methods. Remember, the best contractor-client relationships are built on mutual respect and clear expectations.

Prepare To Schedule Your Life Around Construction

Your daily routine might take a backseat to the project’s needs when your home becomes a construction site. You may have to wake up earlier due to the arrival of workers or forego your usual evening relaxation routine as hammering echoes through the walls.

It’s wise to consider how construction will impact your living situation and schedule. For example, you might need to find temporary solutions to ensure everyone’s comfort and productivity if you work from home or have small children. Stay proactive by discussing potential noise or access concerns with your contractor so they can work with you to minimize disruptions. You hold the power to transform your home and way of life, especially when you know what to expect when you’re planning a room addition.

At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we understand that each client’s vision is unique, and we take pride in delivering exceptional results. That’s why our dedicated room addition builders provide hands-on approaches to ensure our clients’ satisfaction from planning to execution.