/ 3 tips to help you hire the right home improvement contractor

3 tips to help you hire the right home improvement contractor

December 10, 2019
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There are plenty of reasons homeowners choose to renovate — more space, updated styles, and added home value are just a few. In fact, Home Advisor shows that an average basement remodel can offer up to a 70% ROI. But before you can get to the fun part of remodeling, you have to hire the right contractor. Hiring a contractor can be complex, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

Check their credentials: First things first, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a company that has the proper credentials. A finished basement contractor should have the proper training and affiliations and should be able to prove it. The company should have a legitimate business license and insurance provider as well. Overall, it’s crucial to ensure you’re working with a business that is reputable. If you don’t check for credentials, you could end up working with a company that tries to scam their customers, or worse.

Ask about their experience: When it comes to home improvement projects, working with an experienced contractor is key. There are a lot of factors involved in extensive renovation projections, including plumbing and electrical work. These aspects of the project require the right training and knowledge to not only get the job done right but to get it done safely as well. Additionally, you want to work with someone who has experience with the specific project you want to be done. So if you’re looking to finish your basement, make sure you’re working with a well-experienced finished basement contractor.

Go over your plan: Before you hire a remodeling contractor, you should go over the project plan. Talking about a timeline, payments, and materials is an important step to take before you seal the deal. If you hire someone without working out the plan details first, you may end up waiting a lot longer and paying a lot more for the project to be done. So make sure you know the details of the project and everyone is on the same page before hiring a contractor.

Hiring the right contractor is one of the most important steps of a home remodeling project. With the right contractor, your renovation project will go as smooth as possible.