Build An Addition Louisville

Let Distinctive Design Remodeling in Louisville and Lexington build the perfect addition for your present home.A room addition is a perfect solution to adding space to a home you already love.  The pros at Distinctive Design Remodeling, located in Louisville and Lexington, can help you make the most of your home. There are so many options available and it is important to talk with an experienced company to review your home and give you options of renovating your current space or adding an addition to your home to suit your needs.  Your home is your greatest asset, so it should work for all of your needs.  Whether you want extra space for your family to gather or an additional bathroom for the kids, Distinctive Design Remodeling can do it.  We’ve designed and built custom home additions for residents throughout the greater Louisville area.  We can work with you to design a room addition that perfectly suits your taste and gives your family the extra space they need.

Houses get old. Families grow. Sometimes adult children come home. These are just some of the realities people face while living in their homes.  Families make adjustments, but sometimes those adjustments start to become frustrations and, maybe, irritations. When it gets to that point, it’s time to think about making changes to the house, rather than asking the family to adjust further. A home addition by Distinctive Design Remodeling can definitely add to the quality of your family life.

Room additions are the perfect solution for growing families, couples desiring a second story retreat, or for those looking to attach a new kitchen, home office, or fitness room to their existing floor plan.  Proper design and planning is essential to making the most of your existing home and seamlessly blending the new addition. Room additions provide your home with more living space while increasing its value and your enjoyment.

Often rooms can be added by increasing the footprint of your existing home. Our award-winning team can plan, design and build an extension that seamlessly matches your existing house and provides the extra space that you’ve been longing. Distinctive Design Remodeling in Louisville and also located in Lexington can help you evaluate the best way to build an addition to your existing home.  There are cost differences between going up or going out.  Restrictions in your neighborhood may dictate the best way of approaching your project.  Many factors play a role in decisions about home additions and Distinctive Design Remodeling can help you evaluate, navigate and guide you in this decision process.

At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we want to help you create just the right addition for your home that’s not only budget conscious, but also utilizes the structure of your home.  We take pride in providing honest service, fair pricing and quality workmanship when it comes to building home additions.  Located in Louisville and Lexington, Distinctive Design Remodeling is locally owned and nationally ranked as a general contractor.  In Louisville, call (502) 430-3765 and let the home addition contractors at Distinctive Design Remodeling go to work for you.