Basement Remodeling Louisville

What worked for many years as basement family recreation space is now considered vintage outdated! You’ve seen it all. You have spent time in basements finished with that classic knotty pine paneling, plaid carpeting, low dropped-ceilings and fluorescent lighting. On the other hand, you have recently been in basements that have turned you green with envy.  These are not your childhood basements! In today’s home owner environment, basement remodeling, whether you have an older home with an outdated basement or you are in a home with a basement that has been left as shell space, has become an extremely popular way to unleash the power of your basement to create that space you have been dreaming about. Without the hassle of selling your current home, buying something that comes closer to what you want and moving, you can take that space you are sitting on and bring your dream to life.

Distinctive Design Remodeling has been in the business of beautifying homes since 2007, serving Louisville and Greater Central Kentucky homeowners with great results. When you check us out, you will find hundreds of positive reviews, from Angie’s List to HomeAdvisor to Google+. We average 150 projects a year, with basement remodeling comprising a significant portion of what we do.

Whether you have drawn up the blueprints in your mind down to the last detail or you are in the thought process of knowing you want to do something but would like input as to what this could look like, Distinctive Design Remodeling is ready to go to work for you. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients through the planning phase so that when our talented team pulls into your driveway, we are all on the same page.

Basement is perfect space to tap for more living space. Check out Distinctive Design for basement remodeling Louisville. Given our experience in basement remodeling, a browse through our online gallery will give you a strong sense of the kind of work we can do for you. Basement remodeling can go in a variety of directions, based upon what you want to create for your home and the space you have to accomplish this.  We guarantee that your enthusiasm for basement remodeling will multiply exponentially when you see the many directions you can take:

  • Recreation and party space
  • Children’s playroom
  • Home office
  • Guest quarters
  • Your very own hideaway space
  • Storage space
  • Laundry room
  • Mini-kitchen

You need to exercise caution when selecting a business to do your basement remodeling. You want to select a company with a depth of remodeling experience. Remodeling requires a specific set of skills to work with your existing space, utilities, plumbing and HVAC and tie all of this together correctly. At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we have assembled a team of remodeling experts who will create a great space for your home that will function without a glitch. Taking great pride in the work we do for home owners, we will not take shortcuts that you as the homeowner will later regret.

Basement remodeling is an excellent way to enhance the value of your home. No one knows your home better than you do – what you love about it and what will make it even better. Your investment in basement remodeling will pay off from day one with your dream space to enjoy and when the day comes that you decide to sell.

You have great ideas for what you want to do with your basement space and we have the expertise to make it happen. Give us a call at Distinctive Design Remodeling at (502)212.3232 and let’s begin a conversation about the potential of remodeling that basement you have.