Sunroom Builders

Let the sunroom builders at Distinctive Design Remodeling create and construct a sunroom thats just right for your home.If you’re looking to make an addition to your home with the ultimate goal being comfort and relaxation, a sunroom can be the perfect solution.  When looking for the best sunroom builders, look no further than Distinctive Design Remodeling, located in Lexington and Louisville.

Sunrooms are a great way to find a middle ground between staying inside your house and heading outside.  If you like viewing your home’s landscape but dislike having to deal with pesky insects, harsh sunlight, or rain, then a sunroom makes for an ideal solution.  Distinctive Design Remodeling builds durable sunrooms that provide protection from pests and the elements while affording you expansive views of the outdoors.

A new sunroom built by Distinctive Design Remodeling can be one of the best investments you make in your home.  It has the potential to be the most delightful area of your home.  The unique characteristics of a new sunroom can increase your home’s livability and value.  Aside from adding dramatic aesthetics, your new sunroom can serve as a perfect gathering spot for year-round living. A sunroom addition has a completely different look and feel from a traditional home addition because it is primarily glass. A sunroom can give feelings of serenity and relaxation especially during seasons when the weather is sunny and warm.  As the weather in Kentucky can quickly change, having a nice sunroom will help to get the natural light you desire in your life without being fully exposed to the elements. But which type of room should you select?  And can it be integrated naturally with your existing home?  Distinctive Design Remodeling stands ready to answer those questions and more.

Not only will your new sunroom look like a beautiful part of your home’s original construction, but it will give you remarkable functionality year-round. Energy-efficient glass that reduces heat transfer makes our sunrooms even more thermally efficient. This means it will be easier for your HVAC system to keep your sunroom at a comfortable temperature, potentially saving you money on your electricity bills.

Since going into business in 2007, Distinctive Design Remodeling has been serving homeowners in the area.  Each member of our team at Distinctive Design Remodeling is licensed and fully-trained, with over 35 years of combined experience building all kinds of sunrooms.  If you need ideas or help planning your project, our team will walk you through every last detail of your sunroom addition.  We prefer to discuss each client’s individual goals, then design and build the perfect sunroom for their home.  Our team will ask questions about your preferences and decide on a sunroom design that’s right for your home.

A sunroom from Distinctive Design Remodeling is an easy, budget-friendly way to add both natural light and value to your home.  Located in Lexington and Louisville, Distinctive Design Remodeling is locally owned and nationally ranked as a general contractor.  We’re the company homeowners turn to when they want a well-designed sunroom.

In Lexington, call (859) 600-0171 and let the sunroom builders at Distinctive Design Remodeling go to work for you.