Bedroom Addition

Doing a bedroom addition to your home provides an exciting opportunity to create great space from start to finish.Distinctive Design Remodeling, operating in Lexington and the Greater Central Kentucky area for over 10 years, has been working with homeowners who want to stay in their home but need a bedroom addition to accommodate a growing family, create an inviting space for visiting family and friends or add space for an aging relative who is coming to stay. It is amazing what a difference an extra bedroom can make, giving families the option of staying in the home they love and expanding their square footage. Often homeowners are torn between coping with crowded conditions and the incredible hassle of selling their home, finding the right new home and moving. But these are not your only options.

We have been doing bedroom additions for countless Kentucky families with an end result of new space where you need it and enhanced value for your home. We have built bedroom and master bedroom additions that fulfill that interest in not just more space but in creating space that provides more privacy with an up-to-date, stylish footprint that often includes an en suite bathroom. At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we are able to accommodate your ideas with bedroom additions to the first or second floor of your home. We complete around 150 custom projects in a year, ranging from bedrooms to basements, garages and other spaces, and you can read hundreds of our satisfied customer reviews on Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and Google+.

Adding on to your home is a major decision on your part and you can count on us to fulfill your expectations. When you contact us, we will schedule an in-home visit to discuss your thoughts on a bedroom addition. We pride ourselves on strong communication skills with our clients, working well with you to understand your ideas for a bedroom addition and bringing our experience to the conversation.  As we settle on your plans and move through the construction phase, we will communicate every step of the way.

At Distinctive Design Remodeling, we attribute much of our success through the years to assembling a strong team of dedicated professionals who take pride in planning and constructing spaces that our clients love. When you visit our online gallery, you will see photos of numerous bedroom additions that we have done and you may pick up on some new ideas!

Because of our depth of experience, we will manage your project on time and on budget. Our proposal will accurately reflect the cost of your materials and the labor it will take to do this well. Being in the business of remodeling and room additions, our years of experience is invaluable as we link your bedroom addition to your existing space.  Tying your new bedroom addition to your home must be done with structural integrity and, with our experience, we will deliver great results.

When you consider a bedroom addition, keep in mind several considerations:

  • What is the best location for attaching your bedroom addition?
  • Do you want to do an en suite or adjacent bathroom?
  • What types of windows will help to create a bedroom conducive to healthy sleeping?
  • What type of ceiling will contribute best to the look you are seeking?
  • What type of lighting will work to create the best environment for awake and sleep time?
  • What type of flooring do you want your bedroom addition to have?
  • What kind of closet space will be needed?

Doing a bedroom addition to your home provides an exciting opportunity to create space from start to finish. Work with the experts who share your goal for making dreams come true.  Give us a call at Distinctive Design Remodeling at (859)223-0539 and let’s begin a conversation about a bedroom addition that meets and exceeds your expectations!